Payout Rate

BSC Pirate Pools pay 3% daily, according to the current mining efficiency rate. The mining efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other players hire PIRATES, compound and pocket the collected earnings.


The objective of the game is hiring more PIRATES, sooner and more often than other players. Hiring more PIRATES using your daily earnings will triple(3x) your PIRATES within 30 days or less.


Unlike it's predecessors, BSC Pirates pay a modest 3% daily, allowing investors to rest easy knowing that their investments have unlimited growth potential and a max., improbable risk of less than 3%.

Fair Share

Our algorithm allows every participant to profit handsomely, no matter their strategy but it will not allow any single participant to have an unfair advantage over other participants. Its truly unique!

Referral Rewards

Once you connect your wallet, your referral address will appear at the bottom of the page. When a new user hire PIRATES over your referral link, you will instantly get 10% of invested cash to your barrel.


Strategies are personal, you either strictly compound, strictly pocket or do a healthy combination of both. In our opinion the best strategy is to compound as often as possible to maintain your advantage.

Hire for Good

Our mines are not to be confused with farms. PIRATES are not bought, they're hired and therefore can not be sold. Once PIRATES are hired they work for you indefinitely, providing you unlimited amount of income at a starting rate of 3% daily. However this rate is not constant.

Mining Rate

Mining rate will vary slightly based on a combination of factors, including your personal hiring, pocketing, compounding habits and the habits of the community as a whole. However your personal habits hold much more weight in regards to your overall personal returns.

Immutable Contracts

BSC Pirate contracts are verified, open source, immutable, trustless and is visible on BSCScan. Once the contracts were deployed, they can't be stopped nor changed by anyone for any reason, not even the developer himself has access to change or take anything from the contract.